WODAPLUG EOC - Ethernet Data over Coax cable Applications

Wodaplug Cable Data series EOC products are an equipment which used for triple play service in a new generation broadcasting network. Wodaplug EOC network is built with EOC Master and EOC Slave. It can provides the users with a complete EOC solution of the CATV and the internet network construction. EOC is used for the broadcasting network from optical node to end users.

For more details please read http://www.wodaplug.com/eoc/

Wodaplug EOC Products : http://www.524wifi.eu/eoc-ethernet-over-coax.html

Wodaplug GE PON Optical Networks Product Applications


Passive Optical Network ( PON , Passive Optical Network ) consists of an optical line termination ( Optical Line Termination , OLT) at the central side of the network to which is attached a branched structure of optical splitters – splitters . These are connected end optical network unit ( Optical Network Unit , ONU ), most often in a tree , or ring or star topologies . The distance between the OLT and ONU can be up to 20 km .

GE PON is Passive Optical network based on standard Ethernet protocol with Gugabit troughput full duplex. So this is best solution for your new Enterprise LAN with easy configuration, management and mantainance !


EPON OLT units WDS1U4PGE are equiped by well known brand chipset Cortina CS8032, therefor wodaplug power and signal level is very high and provide for your future network fast stable conection. Heat rezistance was tested in long time period in real setups and its very good even in temperatures over 40C. Wodaplug OLT units are equiped with redudant dual powersources, which is very important for reliable non breaking usage!

Wodaplug Pizza-Box OLT serie is standard sizing for 1U 19″ „rack mount“. Advantages are simple: compact size, easy instalation, management, flexibility and power output.

Wodpalug OLT are very good when used for “Triple-Play” applications, CPN, IP kamery, Enterprise LAN networks and IOT apps. Its possible thanks to using newest – CORTINA CS8032 Chipset !

Wodaplug WDS1U4PGE offers 4GE a 4 SFP slots – interface for uplink, and 4 EPON ports for downstream. Supports up to 256 (4*64) ONU in 1:64 splits PLC by passive wodaplug splitters .


Optical netwok behave transparently as smart switch, VLAN can be configured for each port of end ONU units. Configuration of ONU is easy thanks to preconfigured templates ( 4 and 8 ports OLT units has template management in base version ! ! ) Newly connected ONU unit automaticly downloads configuration from previosely set template (provisioning). Configuration OLT unit is possible 1. thru supplied EMS configuration software – central management ) based on SNMP (needs mySQL and reqiure additional SW instalation on master managing PC) or 2. by telnet and CLI (standard command line interface). Wodaplug units supports SNMP (mibs) protocol.

Wodaplug GE PON products : http://www.524wifi.eu/gpon-gepon-optical-networking.html

For more details please read http://www.wodaplug.com/produkty/gepon-optical-networks/

COMPEX Wireless Networking Product Applications

Versatile Wireless Components

As an OEM Manufacturer of Wireless Modules, Embedded Boards and Full Solutions our products are designed to be readily implemented and customizable to customers’ individual needs for shorter time to market. They are compatibility with Open Source software and drivers, suitable for use in any industry to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of services and products.

Healthcare Industry

Wireless in Healthcare Products

WiFi technology has changed how healthcare is conceptualized and delivered. This change has led to the idea of the Smart Connected Hospital, a vision of a fully integrated hospital is possible using our Wireless Solutions.


Wireless Health Monitoring

With WiFi connectivity in Healthcare, nurses can monitor multiple patients remotely from one main station, receiving alerts and observing data captured on patients’ health in real-time and provide more effective healthcare services.


Logistics Industry

Remote Tracking Devices

On the highway, on the dock, at sea, and in the air, the use of wireless technology in logistics and supply chain management is exploding. From inbound to outbound and all points in between, our Embedded Boards has been developed as remote tracking devices to help report location in real-time.

Warehouse Wireless Connectivity

Warehouse and Logistics companies are making increasing use of WiFi networks for scanning, VoIP, voice picking, and warehouse management applications. Our Embedded Boards has been developed in WiFi Access Points to ensure a reliable and fast connection through the Warehouse process.

Home Automation Industry

Connected Home

Nearly every aspect of the home will become connected — from the living room to the kitchen to the garage. Connected homes have smart appliances, that can built with our Wireless Modules embedded inside them to make them all connected, meaning the ‘home of the future’ is becoming a reality.

802.11ac Connectivity @ Home

With our full range of 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 Wireless Modules even on the busiest home networks, HD video streaming is always smooth, the latency low for online gaming and VoIP calls, and file downloads are never interrupted. Our Wireless Modules support Ath10k drivers


Heavy Industry

Industrial Grade Wireless Modules

Our Industrial Grade Wireless Modules are designed to work in extreme temperatures and conditions. Supporting a wide range of Industrial applications that will benefit from Wireless 802.11ac connectivity.

Smart Monitoring Systems

Industries that require real-time data, will need a system that delivers a virtual interpretation of exactly what’s going on in your production facility that is transmitted wireless via our Industrial Grade Wireless Modules

Customized WiFi Solutions

Compex Systems understand that every customer has their own requirements that our solutions does not meet. We will be happy to discuss and cooperate with you to help create WiFi solutions tailoring to your needs. Contact Us for further discussion.

lede openwrt
Compex develop Patches to help our customers load OpenWRT and LEDE onto our Embedded Boards, providing opportunities to develop powerful features and customized versions of OpenWRT and LEDE. We provide OpenWRT patches up to Chaos Calmer.

Compex also provide Software development support to customers utilizing our embedded boards and developing OpenWRT features, kindly contact us for more info.