WODAPLUG EOC - Ethernet Data ( Internet ) over Coax cable Applications

Wodaplug Cable Data series EOC products are an equipment which used for triple play service in a new generation broadcasting network. Wodaplug EOC network is built with EOC Master and EOC Slave. It can provides the users with a complete EOC solution of the CATV and the internet network construction. EOC is used for the broadcasting network from optical node to end users.

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Wodaplug EOC Products : http://www.524wifi.eu/eoc-ethernet-over-coax.html

Wodaplug GE PON Optical Networks Product Applications


Passive Optical Network ( PON , Passive Optical Network ) consists of an optical line termination ( Optical Line Termination , OLT) at the central side of the network to which is attached a branched structure of optical splitters – splitters . These are connected end optical network unit ( Optical Network Unit , ONU ), most often in a tree , or ring or star topologies . The distance between the OLT and ONU can be up to 20 km .

GE PON is Passive Optical network based on standard Ethernet protocol with Gugabit troughput full duplex. So this is best solution for your new Enterprise LAN with easy configuration, management and mantainance !


EPON OLT units WDS1U4PGE are equiped by well known brand chipset Cortina CS8032, therefor wodaplug power and signal level is very high and provide for your future network fast stable conection. Heat rezistance was tested in long time period in real setups and its very good even in temperatures over 40C. Wodaplug OLT units are equiped with redudant dual powersources, which is very important for reliable non breaking usage!

Wodaplug Pizza-Box OLT serie is standard sizing for 1U 19″ „rack mount“. Advantages are simple: compact size, easy instalation, management, flexibility and power output.

Wodpalug OLT are very good when used for “Triple-Play” applications, CPN, IP kamery, Enterprise LAN networks and IOT apps. Its possible thanks to using newest – CORTINA CS8032 Chipset !

Wodaplug WDS1U4PGE offers 4GE a 4 SFP slots – interface for uplink, and 4 EPON ports for downstream. Supports up to 256 (4*64) ONU in 1:64 splits PLC by passive wodaplug splitters .


Optical netwok behave transparently as smart switch, VLAN can be configured for each port of end ONU units. Configuration of ONU is easy thanks to preconfigured templates ( 4 and 8 ports OLT units has template management in base version ! ! ) Newly connected ONU unit automaticly downloads configuration from previosely set template (provisioning). Configuration OLT unit is possible 1. thru supplied EMS configuration software – central management ) based on SNMP (needs mySQL and reqiure additional SW instalation on master managing PC) or 2. by telnet and CLI (standard command line interface). Wodaplug units supports SNMP (mibs) protocol.

Wodaplug GE PON products : http://www.524wifi.eu/gpon-gepon-optical-networking.html

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524WiFi Wireless Networking Product Applications

We offer consultations in the field of IT - information and data networks - capacity, throughput, risk analysis, penetration tests, definition of security measures. We also supply wireless Wi-Fi data and 4G 5G LTE modules worldwide. There is no continent, where we would not have a satisfied customer! Yes, we have already supplied our Wi-Fi modules in Antarctica! You can find our modules, for example, in wind turbines, drones, ships, aircraft, both civil, acrobatic and military… on land, on water and in the air. NASA has also ordered samples, so the next goal is to get them into the outer Space!


Enhanced security operations such as physical security and surveillance analytics are required by almost all industries, including banking, retail, critical infrastructure, government, corporate, education and public transportation. Such security measures provide real-time intelligence for live detection of safety and security events and are instrumental not only in safeguarding business intelligence but also in facilitating efficient workforce management and optimizing operational decisions.


Stable networks guarantee for the ongoing continuity of your video  surveillance. Our boards could establish a stable connected wireless  environment  which is critical for a security surveillance system. 


Commercial processes and communications are all managed utilising wireless technologies, and the number of users, devices and apps are only going to increase. Therefore, it is essential to have a robust, secure and high performing WiFi solution that is future-proofed, mobile, and scalable. Not only is business WiFi vital for your workforce and organisation, it is now imperative for visitors to be able to access a secure guest wireless network.

Shopping malls are a major tourist attraction, with thousands of people visiting the malls every day. The demand for wi-fi has increased significantly. A reliable and high-speed WIFI system can increase the time spent by passengers and enhance the image of shopping malls.



With the rapid development of the current mobile network, tablets, smartphones, laptops and other devices can be widely used.As a temporary residence for business travelers and tourists, wireless network has become an indispensable part of hotel services.


1. The layout of the hotel is relatively regular, which shall meet the requirement of full wireless coverage of all rooms without blind areas;
2. The hotel has a relatively complete wired system. The AP adopts the model 86 panel design to make full use of the existing wiring cartridges;
3. Considering the later development needs of the hotel, network equipment should have good expansibility to meet the diversified marketing requirements of subsequent WEB certification, SMS certification, We Chat certification, etc.;
4. Automatic switching of access points in the process of wireless terminal movement, continuous network line, namely wireless roaming;
5. High-end hotel decoration, AP appearance should be elegant, PoE power supply should be supported to meet the needs of fire protection and wiring;
6. AP supports unified management and configuration, and real-time monitoring of the working state of each AP, making operation and maintenance simple.


In an era of wireless shuttle, sparsely populated, wireless construction is easier than wired, save a lot of cable wiring time and cost, so rural also a fashion.

Because rural information is also relatively backward, wireless network coverage is really necessary.

Within a kilometer or so of the village, a wireless network is required to cover the whole village through wifi cellular base stations. All users in the village can connect to broadband network through various PC terminals, enabling convenient and smooth Internet access.


1. convenience: as long as the selection of the ground pole frame or low-rise building roof and other appropriate location can be erected, the adoption of omnidirectional antenna mode, no need to adjust any Angle, the signal by radio wave transmission.

2. Stability: it has the stability of the telecommunication level to ensure the good network communication quality and the long-term stable operation of the wireless network.
3, security: support WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.1x, RADIUS and other rich encryption methods, to ensure the security of network communication, to ensure user security.
4. High quality: high quality wireless products are adopted to ensure indoor transmission quality, strong anti-interference ability, ensure users' network bandwidth, and satisfy users' various network applications.
5. Maintainability: remote management, maintenance, configuration and software upgrade can be carried out on any node on the network.
6. Economy: the wireless network system can achieve the most satisfying network access effect by using as few wifi cellular base stations as possible, which has a relatively high economy.


Railway is the main artery of national economy. With the rapid development of railway industry, the improvement of information technology plays an important role in the overall service quality, work efficiency and operation safety of railway industry. Wallys wireless bridge /AP can quickly assemble wireless monitoring and data transmission systems. Combined with the application needs of the railway industry, wallys proposed a complete set of wireless solutions.


1. Data and language communication

Communication around the orbit
Communication of maintenance team
Train operator operator's worksheet update service
Vehicle detection and train diagnostic services
2. Integrated services
Staff wireless office services
Passenger wifi service
Train/station electronic AD service
3. Wireless monitoring
Video monitoring of stations, video surveillance of intersections video surveillance inside the train
4 Mobile service
Video, language and data communication between the train and the ground.

Versatile Wireless Components

lede openwrt
Wallys develop Patches and GitHubs to help our customers load OpenWRT and LEDE onto our Embedded Boards, providing opportunities to develop powerful features and customized versions of OpenWRT and LEDE. We provide OpenWRT patches up to latest Chaos Calmer.