CNMS - COMPEX Central Network Management System

CNMS Interfaces

CNMS interfaces shows the list of available wireless networks available. 

The Compex Network Management System (CNMS) is a software that provides centralized management for all CompexWRT Access Points (APs) within your network. It is a portable application that runs on Windows PCs. Its simplified interface is user friendly and intuitive.

List of Features

Dashboard Tabs

Client Access Point (AP) Tabs

Dashboard Tabs relate to the meta information of multiple APs.

AP Tabs show information pertaining to a single AP only.

For detailed operation of the AP settings, please refer to the CompexWRT Section.

The easy way to obtain information is to enter your keyword into the Search Box at the top of this Wiki.

Supported Products

The CNMS manages Access Points / Routers containing the following models of Embedded Boards:

System Requirements

CNMS v1.7.14 available here: 

Host Management PC Operating System for running CNMS: Microsoft Windows.

Firmware for Client Access Point: CNMS v1.7.14 is only compatible with QSDK v2.4.19 b170614 and QSDK v3.0.9 b170614 onward. Firmware available here:


Please refer to CNMS : Changelog.


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  • 7 Changelog

Overview of CNMS
CNMS Interfaces CNMS interfaces shows the list of available wireless networks available.  The Compex Network Management System (CNMS) is a software t...
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CNMS : Dashboards : Network Topology
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CNMS : Dashboard : Map
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CNMS : Dashboard : Upgrade API
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CNMS : AP : Overview
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CNMS : AP : Clients
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CNMS : AP : Hy-FI Security Settings
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CNMS : AP : Firewall
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CNMS : Device : Access Point : LEDs  Click on LEDs to adjust the LEDs indicator signal strength on each interfaces.
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CNMS : AP : Diagnostics
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CNMS : AP : System
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CNMS Changelog
Changelist for CNMS v1.x 1. CNMS v1.7.14 b180608 (Current)     Date Released : 8 June 2018     Changelog : Fix: flash firmware doesn't clean...
Tue, 9 Apr, 2019 at 5:50 PM